Single Day ‘Tour & Walk’ Scotland in Small Group Adventures from Edinburgh & Glasgow

Intimate groups of usually 2 or 3 people (although we can carry 8 passengers) travelling and walking in places of scenic and historic interest. We'll pick you up from either Glasgow or Edinburgh or Stirling and return you there. Do enquire if you or your group is starting from another town in Central Scotland.  Costs vary to include charges for ferries and admissions to attractions. Discounts are available if you have 3 or more in your group. Food and drink is excluded from fares and most trips require you to bring a packed lunch to maximise time out in nature. 

Please enquire if you're interested in one of the excursions.


The Fife Coast

COST: £85 - From Edinburgh

Walk the coast, enjoy birdlife and seals and picturesque fishing villages. See blog for our most popular single day outing.


Climb a Scottish Hill

COST: £95 - From Glasgow or Edinburgh. 

A day's hiking in the hills for those seeking a goal and a sense of achievement and to truly sample Scotland’s nature. 


Loch Lomond and a Fairy Glen

COST £105 - Pick up in Glasgow. 

Boat trip to an island,  hilltop climb and walk through an enchanting glen (valley); ferry across the Firth of Clyde.

Columba's World  

COST: £90 - Pick up in Glasgow. 

More a trip than trek to connect with St Columba's world of western Scotland. Visit a cave, a Celtic chapel and a hillfort capital.


Blane and The Isle of Bute

COST £95 - Pick up in Glasgow. 

Ferry to the Isle of Bute for walks along coast, beach and to a ruined Celtic monastery. Alternative option to visit a Gothic mansion.


Cuthbert's trip to Lindisfarne

COST: £90 - Pick up in Edinburgh. 

Clifftop walk, walking tour of ancient Lindisfarne and visit to a cave in a forest


Picts & Angus Glens

Cost: £90       From Edinburgh or Glasgow or Stirling

See ancient Pictish symbol stones, walk in upland woods and to a hilltop and a pub lunch.



COST: £95     From Edinburgh or Glasgow. 

 A boat trip to an island, walks to waterfalls and up a glen and a final walk beside a loch after tea and cake.

Border Hills and abbey

COST: £ 94     From Edinburgh

Climb to a hilltop, a pub lunch and visit a beautiful ruined abbey.

Clackmannanshire - The Wee County

COST: £85 - From Stirling or Edinburgh or Glasgow. 

Walk through a wooded gorge to a castle, view waterfalls with picnic lunch on the hill. Visit two picturesque towns.

Scottish Borders

COST: £95     From Edinburgh. 

Long climb to a hilltop, view River Tweed and either walk a maze or wander around magnificent hillside gardens.