St Columba's World - Tour in small group adventure


Please Bring a packed lunch!

This is more tour than trek as we drive over the Arrochar Alps to connect with the ancient world that St Columba arrived in of mysterious burial cairns and standing stones. Learn about those early centuries that brought huge change. 



Itinerary for St Columba’s World - Tour in small group adventure:

-        Drive to the foot of Dumbarton Rock – capital of the Strathclyde Britons

-        Drive alongside Loch Lomond and view Inchtavannoch across the waters – monastic cell of St Kessog.

-        Drive the narrow land bridge and hear about a daring Viking raid.

-        Over the Arrochar ‘Alps’ with great photo opportunities of The Cobbler’s very rugged peak and down to the white washed town of Inverary for coffee.

-        St Columba’s cave and lunch on the beach.

-        Celtic chapel ruins with engraved stone slabs.

-        Climb to the summit of Dunnadd – ancient seat of the Scot’s Kingdom of Dalriada. Grading: Easy but short steep ascent. Distance: 1 km. Height gained: 58m

-        Kilmartin Glen with its prehistoric cairns, standing stones and cup and ring markers.

-        Late return to Glasgow

Bring your own packed lunch

Pickup: 09:15   Drop off: 19:00

If you want to learn more about the Celtic Christian tradition, then check out ‘Retreat’ and also the Columba multi-day excursions.