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‘Fire in the North’

 ‘Fire in the North’ is a retreat that welcomes people from any background and seeks to re-vitalise our own spirituality. We’ll explore the central themes that characterise the early Celtic Christian movement through the narrative of its trail-blazers. Much of the content is shared whilst walking and visiting some of the atmospheric Celtic sites in Argyll, on Scotland’s west coast. It is based out of doors, as much as the weather will permit, and is flexible according to the activity level of the group and can include a mountain meditation day for the more active.  

The Christian meditations are guided by biblical texts, Celtic prayers and poems that often reconnect people with a lost spirituality for which they’ve longed. This is a sensory journey that draws on creation to enrich our wonder and worship. The retreat helps to rediscover the natural ebb and flow of our lives that we may be better adjusted to serve coming from a place of rest and revelation. The retreat is also a challenge as we consider the context of how the early Christians engaged their faith with the pagan and warrior led societies of their time; lessons that can be transposed into our own times.

Martin is Bible college trained, is a regular speaker around churches and the author of 3 Christian books. He has been leading retreats for the past 15 years, preparing his own materials, whilst utilising the rich resources from the Celtic expression of faith. He is a qualified, well-experienced and fully insured mountain guide.

NB. We are open to creating retreats in other Scottish locations and would be happy to discuss these possibilities with ready-made groups. Please use the ‘Contact’ button at the top of the page.

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Costs for a 3 day (2 nights) retreat based in Argyll - £160pp based on sharing a room, including accommodation, food on a self catering basis, with pickup from Glasgow and daily trips out to visit Celtic sites. Normal group size is 6 - 8 people. We will do our best to allocate shared rooms when that’s your choice but unfortunately have to charge a single room supplement of an additional £60 when having a room to yourself.


6 - 8th September 2019 - FULLY BOOKED

1 - 3rd November 2019 - 4 places remaining

27 - 29th March 2020

5 - 7th June 2020

30th October - 1st November 2020

4 Days + 3 Nights options available. Different sized groups can be catered for - just enquire for a price to meet your specific need.

Some Tripadvisor Reviews:

Exploring early Celtic history on the West coast of Scotland

“The highlight was the 'course' Martin had prepared for me to learn about Celtic Christianity. He skillfully wove this into our trips and walks over the days. Martin has huge knowledge in this area. He shared with me about the key saints and people of that time as we drove and as we walked and then we would discuss. We visited places such as St Columba's cave, St Conan's Kirk, and Kilmory Knap Chapel (to see Celtic grave stones). In order to discover the fuller picture of life at that time, we also visited Fort Dunadd where the Dalraida kings were crowned as well as standing stones and tumulae erected by the druids. Martin prepared and left me with some substantial and very helpful written notes from what he shared. It was a wonderful and memorable trip. I would highly recommend Martin just as a walking guide but also as a specialist teacher in the area of Celtic history.”

The weather was very variable and Martin was flexible to change the programme as necessary.”

A wonderful memory

“Thanks Martin for a truly great 3 days in Argyll. You have opened up a completely new area for me. It was a lovely restful time with lots of inspiration. Thank you so much for planning and executing such a lovely retreat. It was great to spend time too of thinking about the early Celtic peoples. Very thought provoking. A real holiday with a difference.”

Three day Celtic Retreat.

“This is the third time I’ve been on a trip with Martin …. but this one far exceeded expectations! A group of us from the church joined him on the lovely Kintyre Peninsula to learn something of the beginnings of Christianity in our land. We were taken on a fascinating journey, hearing about the Picts and Scots of ancient Dalriada, visiting hill forts, standing stones, burial cairns and stone markings which abound in this area before hearing about some of the early saints; Columba, Cuthbert, Ninian and Patrick & seeing ancient Celtic crosses to learn of the significance of their markings in a Pictish culture. Along the way, Martin made history live for us as he read from biographies of the saints. Our accommodation on the beautiful Kirnan estate was fantastic & there was plenty of time for coffee stops, a never to be forgotten barbecue and various picnics. Altogether a fantastic time and one that we’d hope to repeat!”

Thank you for an excellent time, I really enjoyed it. It was all I had hoped it would be largely thanks to your preparation and working things through. The days went far too quickly but as I reflect I think we covered a lot of ground - literally in terms of walking but also in our discussions. And all in the most wonderful corner of God's creation. It was wonderful to have such a knowledgeable guide. You have whetted my appetite and I am motivated now to look into the Celtic tradition further.”

‘Fire in the North’

- drawing fresh inspiration from Celtic Christianity

“Come Lord, come down, come in, come among us.

Come as the wind to move us;

Come as the light to prove us;

Come as the night to rest us;

Come as the storm to test us;

Come as the sun to warm us;

Come as the stillness to calm us.

Come Lord, come down, come in, come among us.”

Celtic Daily Prayer

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