Picts & Angus Glens Tour & Walk in a small group adventure

 Cost: £90

PICKUP LOCATION: Edinburgh / Glasgow / STIRLING / Perth  

A tour to connect with the ancient Pictish centres with their fascinating symbol stones which we’ll view on the wayside as well as in a museum. Upland walk in Highland Angus through the woods to a loch and then lunch at an old drover’s inn. In the afternoon, we’ll drive to the very pretty Glen Prosen, see a memorial raised to Scott of the Antarctic and climb to a hill top tower.


Itinerary for Picts & Angus Glens- Tour and Walk

-        Visit the Pictish stones museum to get connection with an ancient past and marvel at their artistry.

-        Drive up the unspoilt beauty of Glen Isla for a walk in the hills. Grading: Moderate hill walk along paths and tracks with some boggy ground. Distance: 4.5kms. Height Gained: 160m

-        Lunch in a drover’s inn and take in the beauty of Angus’ secluded glens.

-        Visit the memorial to Scott of the Antarctic in Glen Prosen. Then climb the neighbouring hill with Airlie Tower on top. Grading: Strenuous steep hill walk. Distance: 3kms. Height gained: 150m

-        Visit the wayside Pictish stones at Aberlemno before returning to Stirling

Cost includes museum admission, but excludes food and drink.