Inchcolm Boat Trip, Nr Edinburgh

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Inchcolm is reputedly by far the most beautiful island in the Firth of Forth, just north of Edinburgh. It's main attraction is the very well preserved abbey dating from the 12th century. Occupation of the island goes back further with remnants of what seems to be an early Christian community and a Viking burial site even referenced by Shakespeare in Macbeth.

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Visiting here exceeded already quite high expectations. The good weather helped. You can wander down cloisters around an inner courtyard, check out how cooking was done in the refectory, climb the high tower for a great view over the whole island with the mainland to the north and south and open sea to the east. The ever present haunting cries of gulls made you feel adrift from the mainstream of life; something that would have appealed to the early monks.

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On our return we got to see these cool guys drifting along on their own craft.

A seals' outing floating on a catamaran!

A seals' outing floating on a catamaran!

You can reach Inchcolm from South Queensferry where a family-run business, 'The Maid of the Forth' operate an excellent 3 hour round trip service with half that time on the island. Their boat is very well maintained boat with shiny clean windows.

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