An inspirational journey


Upon the hills above the River Tweed, Cuthbert had a vision of the passing of a great pioneer:  the spirit of Aidan being taken as a globe of light up into the night sky. This defining moment set his own life's course on a new trajectory, taking one from humble surroundings to fashion him into an adviser to kings and carer of the poor.

Cuthbert's call brought him to his training ground in the monastery at Old Melrose, enclosed on three sides by a long loop in the river. The place today is set a good distance from the newer Melrose, exuding a tranquility that seems more than the peace from being located in a rural idyll. You sense a connection with the past, the vestige of centuries of prayers spoken in this place.


From Melrose, Cuthbert's journey takes you to Lindisfarne, Holy Isle, the tidal island that provided a daily natural rhythm. High water cuts the community off from the world, sets it apart to connect with God. Then with the slacking of the tide they shared with the world the peace and compassion they had found. 


With the frequent Viking raids, the monks abandoned Lindisfarne, taking with them Cuthbert's body. One of the resting places along this difficult exile is a cave close to the ridge top that looks back to the Holy Isle. As Cuthbert's journey continued beyond death, so does it inspire an alternative way to this day.

martin haworth