Celtic Christian Retreat


The early Celtic Christian period was a golden age, full of adventurers who abandoned themselves wholly in pursuit of the divine, crossing seas to unknown destinations in leather hide boats known as coracles.

MOTIVATION & EXPRESSION: Their impulse was to know God more intimately, seeking solitude along the beautiful west coast.. All the natural wonders spoke of the beauty and character of their Creator which enriched their praise.


MISSIONAL: Alongside their wonder was the impulse to share Christ’s compassion among the fiercely independent Picts led by their warlords and druids. Their alternative worldview also attracted people to seek sanctuary in their simple communities.

EXAMPLE: They present a mystical model of retreat with adoration. This drawing close to God motivated them to share this faith. Theirs was a love story about which they couldn’t be silent; a tale interwoven with exceptional breakthroughs, including the miraculous. Theirs is a homely and simple faith, full of thankfulness where God features among the mundane tasks of domestic life. Their humility and the irresistible power of God eventually impressed a warrior society to discard their former beliefs.


New for 2019, Roaming Scotland offers Celtic Christian retreats for individuals or small groups. The retreats aim to connect with the Celtic past by visiting some of the atmospheric sites often located in places of splendid isolation. This is a good starting point in understanding their spirituality, telling the narrative of it’s forerunners and considering what they can offer us today in terms of refreshment and new perspectives. Click on this link for details about the retreat: https://www.roamingscotland.com/celtic-christian-retreats/


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