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‘Roaming Scotland' was born out of doing adventure tours for volunteers of 'Latin Link', a charity I've been coordinating in Scotland from which I'll be stepping down at the close of 2017. The week-long adventures were sometimes on foot, sometimes took to bicycles or even onto sailing yachts. It was a great way to showcase what our charity did in Latin America through the stories told by our volunteers who served on different projects on that continent to audiences all over Scotland.

Although this is a new beginning, it's also a continuation in the same direction started 12 years ago when the first adventure tours were rolled out. 

This new venture is about connecting people with the lesser visited places; to not just take the well trodden ways to Loch Ness, Glencoe and Skye that draw a phenomenal number of visitors. As fine as these tourist hotspots are, there are, I believe, finer places far less frequented to which I wish to introduce people. Its in our wild places where we can encounter afresh this creation, to find the silence and space our busy lives crave for and find renewal as we spiritually re-connect.

Another distinctive about Roaming Scotland is the 'Trip & Trek' feature, combining into one, the standard sightseeing aim with getting away from the roadside onto shortish hikes into the amazing nature that is in such abundance in all these unspoilt places.

I hope this intro has whetted the appetite to read more.