Why come with Roaming Scotland?

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We'll pick you up, show you the sights, and walk to Scotland’s best kept secrets. Discover unspoiled nature and the  mysterious sites of historical interest and Celtic spirituality.


Journeying with us through the Scottish Highlands and Islands is more than an adventure through one of Europe’s last wildernesses; it is to step back into our rich Celtic heritage as we visit ancient sites off the tourist route.


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Our ‘Tour & Trek’ combines sightseeing with walking in Scotland's wilds. This ensures we are daily on foot for 3 hours plus, guiding you to many out-of-the-way places, renown for their scenery and/or history. Options range from single day to multi-day excursions.

Experience the splendour and solitude of Scotland's west coast, up the glens to the ancient heartlands of the Picts and the Celtic Britons in our own Roaming Scotland minibus. The telling of their stories is a good start to explore our own inner journey.

Looking for something more adventurous? Book a day’s hill walk or a multi-day mountain expedition in the Scottish Highlands for a richly rewarding experience.

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Your guide

Martin (and Sparkie the dog!) is a passionate hill walker and qualified ‘Mountain Leader’ guide. Many of Scotland’s best kept secrets have been revealed by his venturing up all 282 Scottish Munros, together with multiple coast to coast hikes. These are presented in manageable excursions for people of varying abilities. He holds a current Mountain First Aid certificate and is fully insured.  

Ancient hill forts, Celtic chapels and standing stones impress with their sense of mystery. Martin is willing to share, though wary not to bore, about Pictish warriors and Celtic saints who once peopled these ancient landscapes. He is a published author, and of relevance in this fusion of interests, is his title, ‘A Clearing of the Mists’. The book draws on the spiritual connection with the landscape and the past, and the lessons learned from hill-craft, which he applies to inspire meaning and wholeness in our lives.

Before Roaming Scotland, Martin and his wife, Alexandra, lived 14 years in the Middle East and in South East Asia. They have appreciated kind hosts on these travels and feel that they better understand what it takes to make your visit that much more memorable. Having run two guest house businesses in Scotland for 9 years, they very much want you to get the most out of your visit to Scotland, so be assured of a genuine and warm welcome.

Spiritual Journey

As we walk the ancient ways over the land, the mystery of Neolithic burial cairns and stone circles, awaken a sense of wonder. Pictish symbol stones and Celtic engraved stone slabs,  rarely fail to arouse our admiration for their artistic accomplishments. But these treasures still remain largely uncelebrated. Depicting graceful animals, hunting and battle scenes and a vast array of enigmatic symbols, will leave you wondering. What was the Pictish beast and what was the meaning behind the double-disc intersected by a Z-rod?

It was to this mysterious, druidic world that the early Gaels came across the Irish Sea in flimsy boats. These adventurers sought a ‘desert place’ out on the extremities of the ocean where they established bee-hive cells which grew into communities as people responded to their alternative worldview. Their worship was inspired by the grandeur of their surroundings, presenting a vibrant faith hammered out on the edge of the world. Acknowledged for their humanity in a brutal world and admired for their affinity with animals, the Celtic saints courageously brought their kindling flame of faith to the warrior courts of the fierce Picts – Scotland’s indigenous people during the first millennia.

Our adventures seek to reconnect not only with the stunning beauty and solitude of the places they inhabited, but with their ancient world and soul search.

[See ‘Retreat’ if interested to explore in depth the spirituality of the Christian Celtic tradition].

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The Goose

Wild geese are synonymous with the Scottish wilds as they passage along migration routes.  Their defining cries, which encourage and direct one another, stir the soul restless for adventure. The wild goose is an enduring symbol from our ancient Celtic past, referring to the Holy Spirit. Robust and alert, adventurous and sharing in community, our goose logo expresses our intention of bringing these elements together; combining the pursuit of the far horizon with the journeying of kindred souls.

This goose image, with it’s simple symmetry, was incised on a standing stone by the Picts - our ancient forebears. Its pose of looking over its shoulder, was no doubt an admired attribute of being vigilant. After all Rome was saved by geese raising the alarm of an advancing barbarian army. We too promise to be vigilant about your safety and enjoyment.

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Recommended quality products

If you’re looking for quality products from Scotland, we would like to recommend the following links:

For finely crafted sgian dubhs - the Kilt knife that tucks in at the top of a sock: https://sgiandubh.scot/

Here are some great jewellery designs of Pictish art: https://www.pmrjewellery.co.uk/

Supporting Livelihood in the Philippines.

Roaming Scotland gives ten percent of their profits to assist the Buhid and Mangyan tribes of Mindoro Island, Philippines. Martin and his family lived with the Buhid tribe during the 1990's doing community development work through the Mangyan Tribal Church Association. 

'Beyond Coral Shores' is a book Martin wrote about the family's time living with this special tribe. We maintain close ties with the tribe and these photos were taken from the most recent trip in Feb 2018 with my daughter Hannah and her husband Brian. 

Hannah's Stateside business imports Mangyan handicrafts. You can view their workmanship at http://www.handatextiles.com